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Who knew that wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask, would become a kind of spiritual battleground, but it has. For the record, I do not enjoy wearing one even though I have one of the coolest Longhorn masks around. To me, the mask is hot, I have to repeat several times things I say, and  I do not often understand what others are saying.

Nor do I want to get into any arguments about the necessity of wearing a mask or not. Some seem to think wearing a mask is along the lines of a communist plot to bring down our country while others believe wearing one is absolutely essential in protecting us in this pandemic. I do not pretend to know what is true regarding the information on social media but I do know what emphasis does not work – it is the one that insists on personal freedom and rights.

My friend Brent McDougal wrote these words: “Many believe that each individual is responsible for their own level of Covid-19 risk. But the pandemic doesn’t operate that way; it operates communally. People who base their actions on their comfort level or assumed risk may not think about the ways they expose others to risk. As the largest “volunteer” organization in the world, the church’s practice of gathering, hospitality, and physical presence across generational, racial, and socioeconomic lines uniquely position it to accelerate the spread of a virus. Therefore, we must prioritize our communal responsibility above our personal and congregational desires.”

Personal desires is what I want to focus on. I hate to tell you this [actually I don’t] but when you became a Christ follower you gave up your rights. Your major concern at all times is how what you do glorifies Jesus and how it affects others. Paul wrote about meat sacrificed to idols. He didn’t care because to him it was just meat to eat. He did not see himself worshiping a pagan god. But the greater consideration was that if his eating that meat sacrificed to an idol caused another Christian to stumble, he would never eat meat again. Where is that thinking today? People wearing masks are not the problem! They are not the weaker Christian! They are simply doing what they think is best, so respect them and their conviction.

So, I will wear a mask, as uncomfortable as it is, and encourage you to wear one, because I don’t want to cause anyone to stumble. We have no rights! We must make our decisions based on what is best for others! WEAR THE MASK!


We will continue our present schedule for the time being. That is, we will have an 8:30 worship experience in the ARK and a 10:50 worship celebration in the Auditorium!


We will probably add one other service at 10:50 in the ARK! The reason for this is that the attendance at 10:50 is large enough that we are having some difficulty in maintaining social distancing! We want you here and so we are providing this opportunity to be here and feel safe being here!


I cannot guarantee that you will be absolutely safe here on our campus. However, knowing the efforts we are taking to sanitize and distance from other I think our church campus is one of the safest places you can go outside of your home. Again, I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT ALL WEAR A MASK WHILE ON THE FHBC CAMPUS! If you have any questions please contact me at 972.971.3174 or larry.fhbc@gmail.com.


8:30am service in the ARK

(No Sunday School Hour)

10:50am Services
TWO simultaneous services in the ARK/Auditorium

Prayer Line
Whether you have a burden or need a prayer, you can call the Church office at 972-494-3422 and inform our staff. If the office is closed press "400" and leave a message on our PRAYER LINE and we assure you that we will lift your concern up to the Lord in prayer. We will respect any level of privacy that you request. You can also request that someone call you back to pray with you directly if you wish.