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Important Announcement 9/28/2020

This Sunday, OCTOBER 4 the family of Freeman Heights returns to full schedule. This includes all L.I.F.E. CLASSES and CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL. This will also include Wednesday nights starting OCTOBER 7. No one should get the idea that we think the COVID – 19 issue is over and done. We are going to set up for social distancing and we are still asking you to wear masks – children included. We will do everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible.

HALLOWEEN: The Center for Disease Control has recommended that there be no Trick or Treating this year due to the COVID – 19 PANDMIC. That, and the fact that we cannot control social distancing with a carnival like we usually do, we are going to take the year off from our Halloween Ministry. Some have suggested that we could do “Trunk or Treat” but there are so many churches doing that we decided it would be best to wait till next year to continue our Halloween Party.

DRIVE THROUGH CHRISTMAS EVENT: We are in the process of planning and implementing an Outreach Community event for the Christmas Season. Right now we need your help with Christmas decorations! Please visit our amazon shopping list (click here) to purchase any of the items we need to build our event. If you have any extra working Christmas lights you would like to donate email Larry Venable at larry.fhbc@gmail.com. Stay tuned for other ways to help with this outreach to our community!

Prayer Line
Whether you have a burden or need a prayer, you can call the Church office at 972-494-3422 and inform our staff. If the office is closed press "400" and leave a message on our PRAYER LINE and we assure you that we will lift your concern up to the Lord in prayer. We will respect any level of privacy that you request. You can also request that someone call you back to pray with you directly if you wish.