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Pastor's Points - LEARNING TO LISTEN

I was taking my 3-year-old grandson to preschool one morning and he was in a “mood”! He was not happy and he was sulking and pouting – and he wasn’t talking. I asked him a few questions – no response! I looked in the rear-view mirror and he was just staring at me, or it was more like glaring! So, I started joking around with him and acting silly but he wasn’t budging! I said, “Are you not going to talk to me this morning?” Finally, a response as he said, “YOU TALK TO MUCH!”

I wonder if God is ever saying to us, “YOU TALK TO MUCH!” Much of our prayer time is consumed with us talking to God but not enough of that time is us listening to God. Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of Christ!” It doesn’t say faith comes by us declaring our commitment to God or by us counseling God as to what He should do to answer our prayers. It says, “faith comes by HEARING.”

Instead of us talking so much we need to open up the Word of God and listen! This is not a natural thing for us but it is a learned spiritual discipline! Listen and hear God’s commands! Listen and hear God’s warnings! Listen and hear God’s promises! Listen and hear God’s directions! Listen and hear God’s love for you!

One person said it this way: “If I have to choose it is more important for me to hear what God says than it is for God to hear what I have to say!” I agree – stop talking so much and learn to listen to your God!