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You have heard people say, "This is my church!" or "This is our church!" Frankly, I have said that many times, and the context determines whether it is a positive or negative statement.

In one sense, it is positive because one says it like this: “This is my church. The one I belong to. The one who cares for me, nourishes me, supports me, teaches me, and helps me be the person Jesus wants me to be!” I would hope that would be the experience of every Christian who belongs to this church!

In another sense, it is negative, because one says it like this: “This is my church and this is our church, and we need to take care of ourselves first. We should have priority in scheduling, building usage, and anything else that pertains to “OUR CHURCH”! The reason this is negative is because it betrays our mission. It is not always easy to remember, and it is hard for some Christians to buy into, but the church is an organization of Christ that exists for the benefit of its nonmembers. The missional church is never “MY CHURCH” or “OUR CHURCH”, but it is “HIS CHURCH”!

Another problem with the negative connotation of church is that it makes the church a location consisting of a series of buildings. Instead, the church is a body that is active in the community. We must remember that everything we do, the church does. Everything we say the church says. Everywhere we go, the church goes. His church is everywhere we are, so let’s be HIS CHURCH!