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Most every Christ-follower I know would claim that God is the priority of their life – and I might add that most of them are sincere in that claim. HOWEVER, just because we are sincere does not mean it is a fact – we can be sincerely misled and sincerely wrong. And if the activities of our life do not match the claim then the “priority of God” is an empty claim. Generally, there are 3 evidences that our relationship with God is the priority of us Jesus-people:

  1. Thorough and joyful obedience to Him!
  2. Daily and personal time in His Word and Presence!
  3. Participation in Congregational Worship!

Except in cases of blatant rebellion I have a hard time judging #1! And unless you invite me to come and live with you [sorry to put that thought in your head] I cannot comment on #2! But #3 is fairly obvious! In Western church culture, we are seeing less and less commitment to community worship! The way I see it is that many will faithfully show up unless something else comes along that they want to do!

Many have their kids in so many activities that once or twice a month in community worship is tops. The subtle message, that runs deep, to our kids is that there are more important things than God. Our justification is that we want our kids to excel at what they are good at, but shouldn’t our desire and goal be that they excel at following Jesus?

And then others enjoy getting away with others – family and close friends – and it never enters their minds that they are encouraging them to lessen their commitment to Jesus and make God less and less a priority!

You have to blame my Dad for the way I think – he simply would not miss Sundays. If people came to visit on the weekend he would lovingly and humbly say to them on Saturday night, “We are going to church in the morning and we would love to have you go with us! But if you want to stay here there are donuts and coffee on the kitchen counter and we will have lunch together when we get home!”   

Some, if not many, would accuse me of being legalistic, and if claiming and actually making God the priority of my life is legalistic, then I’m guilty as charged. And like an umpire, I have to call ‘em as I see ’em! What call are you going to make?